It’s Time
To Lawyer Up

Lawyer Up With A Proven Champion In Legal Battles

When you’re facing legal challenges – whether in the complex world of immigration or the high-stakes arena of the criminal justice system – you need a fighter in your corner. You deserve nothing less than strong and unwavering advocacy at every stage of the proceedings.

That’s where I come in. I’m Anthony Putman, the attorney you want on your side when the going gets tough.

I’ve earned a reputation in the Cincinnati area and northern Kentucky as a relentless fighter. Unlike many lawyers who are jaded by the system, I take a vigorous approach to every case, underscored by a commitment to always going the extra mile. I’m energized to tackle whatever challenges you’re up against head-on for you.

Learn more about me and my background:

My Warrior Spirit And Oath To Defend Your Rights

I’m proud to be a military veteran, and I come from a family of veterans. That warrior spirit runs deep in my approach to law.

My time in the U.S. Army taught me discipline and dedication. I took an oath to defend our U.S. Constitution, which guarantees your rights in criminal cases. That oath fuels my drive to fight for justice.

Your Ally In Criminal Defense And Immigration

In my practice, I handle a wide array of cases with a focus on:

  • Criminal charges of all kinds, including DUI charges, domestic violence, drug crimes, sex offenses, murder and more. My proven skills in Kentucky courts are your asset.
  • Immigration: In the notoriously complex field of immigration, I can help you with adjustment of status, petitions for asylum, marriage visas, K-1 visas and other types of family-based immigration.

The Solo Attorney Advantage

Choosing me as your solo attorney means you get one-on-one access to me. You’ll benefit from my devoted attention and advocacy. You won’t be shuffled around like you might at a big firm; you’ll have my direct number and my personal commitment to support you every step of the way.

Begin Your Fight For Justice Today

I understand the gravity of “lawyering up” and the necessity of having a strong advocate to champion your cause. If you’re ready to take control of your legal situation, I’m here to guide you toward the outcome you deserve. Contact me at my firm, the Law Office of Anthony Putman, PLLC, by calling 859-305-7198 for my direct line. Let’s start tackling your legal troubles today.