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Forge Your New Path With A Passionate Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is an exciting journey, one that holds the promise of a new beginning and endless opportunities. Yet, it can be an intimidating process, as it’s one of the most complicated areas of U.S. law. The outcome will not only impact your future but that of your family for generations to come. That’s why you need a supportive legal guide who can light the path ahead and stand by your side every step of the way.

I’m immigration attorney Anthony Putman, and I can be that guide for you. I will devote my unwavering attention to helping you secure your dreams. I’m very familiar with the challenges that can arise in the immigration process, and I’m confident in confronting them head-on.

Marriage, Green Cards, Citizenship And More

The types of immigration cases I handle are as diverse as the clients I serve, with a particular focus on family-based immigration. You can turn to me for guidance on immigration issues such as:

  • Green cards
  • Consular processing
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Petitions for asylum
  • Marriage visa processing (including K-1 Visas and marriage abroad)
  • Deportation (removal) defense
  • U.S. citizenship

I can also help you if you’ve gotten into trouble with the law, as an arrest or criminal conviction can drastically impact your immigration opportunities.

The Benefit Of A Solo Immigration Attorney

Choosing a solo attorney like myself means you’ll receive personal attention that’s hard to find at larger firms. You’ll have my direct number, ensuring that when you need guidance or have urgent questions, you’re speaking to the lawyer who knows your case inside and out. This approach allows me to build a strong, trusting relationship with you, which is the foundation for a successful immigration journey.

Take The Next Step Toward Your American Dream

Don’t let the complexities of immigration law deter you from pursuing your dreams. I can help you make those dreams a reality, starting from the moment you reach out.

You can reach me directly by phone at 859-305-7198. Or you can contact my firm, the Law Office of Anthony Putman, PLLC, through a quick online form.